African Wild Dog Animal Facts with Images

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African Wild Dog Animal

The African Wild Dog Animal has an uniquely patterned coat, The African Wild Dog Animal irregular pattern is coloured with white, yellow, brown and black markings, African Wild Dogs have slim lean bodies and long slender legs, They African Wild Dog Animal have large rounded distinctive ears and a long tail which has a white plume at the end, Their African Wild Dog Animal muzzles are black and they have a black line which extends down their forehead, African Wild Dog Animal measure around 1.5 metres – 5 feet length which includes head and a tail length of around 30 -40 centimetres African Wild Dog Animal It stands around 75 centimetres at the shoulder and weighs 37 – 80 pounds.


African Wild Dog Animal Facts:

Length: 76-141 cm (30-43 in)

Tail: 30-40 cm (12-16 in)

Weight: 17-36 kg (37-79 lb)

Social unit: Group

Status:  Endangered


Probably the most social canid, the African wild or hunting dog lives in packs of 30 or more adults and young. Only the dominant pair breed, producing a litter of 10-12 (range 2-21) after a gestation of 71-73 days. However, the whole pack cares for and protects the pups, regurgitating food for them until they develop hunting skills by about 12 months. The pack also cooperates to hunt very large prey, such as wildebeest, zebra, and impala. This dog has long legs, and a lean build, with a relatively small head, large ears, and a short, broad muzzle. Unusually for a canid, it has only 4 toes on each foot. Its coat pattern is exceptionally variable, but the muzzle is usually black and the tail tip is white.


This species’ scientific name means “painted wolf” and aptly describes the coat pattern of variable patches and swirls in black, grey, yellow, and white.


Once widespread across Africa, in many habitats, this wild dog is now reduced to scattered, fragmented populations. It is still persecuted, trapped, shot, and snared, and is also killed accidentally by road vehicles. It suffers both habitat loss and diseases (rabies, distemper) from domestic dogs. Survival depends on active conservation, including tracking pack movements by fitting radio collars (shown here).

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