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one of the larger Amoeba. amoeba proteus is often observed in schools by studrnts learning about simple animals.the species is aptiy named-proteus was a greek god who could assume various froms. size up to 0.2 inches[5 mm].

common name: amoeba, forams, heliozoans, radiolarians

subphylum: sarcodina

phylum: sarcomastigophora

kingdom: protista

number of species: about 11,500

size: mostiy microscopic,but some amoeba reach 0.2 in [5mm], and some forams grow to 1 in [2.5cm] or more; radiolarians may from coconies 8 in [20cm] long

key features: asymmetrical or spherical protists lacking flagellae, but with variable pseudopods; may be naked or secrete a proteinaceous or siliceous shell, test, or skeleton

habits: aquatic free living. occasionally parasitic

breeding: sexual by conjugation or asexual by fission or schizogony

diet: feed by engulfing other orgsnisms, mainly becterin and orgsnic matter

habitat: wherever there is moisture; in iceans, rivers, lakes, puddles, soil, caves, and in and around multicellular plants and animals; several species have been collected from the earth’s upper atmosphere.

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