Andaman Teal Bird

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The Andaman teal Bird is a species of duck found on oceanic islands in the Bay of Bengal. The Andaman teal Bird species was formerly considered as a subspecies of the Sunda teal.

Andaman Teal Bird Facts:

  • Size: 37-47 CM
  • Voice: Call a low whistle
  • Range: Resident; Andaman Islands
  • Habitat: Freshwater pools; marshes

Small brown duck that is restricted to the Andaman Islands. Face and Throat pale; Prominent white eye-ring and red iris. Uncommon and shy. Prefers paddy fields, small pools and mangroves. Feeds mostly at duck.

Andaman teal Bird Images:

Andaman Teal Bird hd


Andaman Teal Bird photo


Andaman Teal Bird

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