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Sea Anemones Animal Insect Fact:

Metridium senile, the frilled anemone is found from the arctic to southem califomia large specimens can have 1,000 tentacles, height up to 18 inches [46 cm], actinia equina, the beadlet anemone; is from tha atlantik and mediterranean, it is the most common anemoene found on northem european rocky shores, height about 3 inches [7 cm].

Common name: sea anemones

Order: actinaria

Class: anthozoa [part]

Phylum: cnidaria

Number of species: about 1,000

Size: up to 40 in [100 cm] in diameter

Key features: solitary polyps with predominantly 6 fold symmetry;often very colorful

Habits: mostly slow moving with long periods attached to a single spot; may creep, climb, burrow,  or swim; solitary

Breeding: sexual reproduction results in planula larva that settles and metamorphoses into  miniature polyp; most species also reproduce asexually by binary fission or regeneration from small  freagments of tissue

Diet: various invertebrate prey; occasionally snare fish with stinging tentacles; many species  receive proportion of nutritional requirements from symbiotic algae

Habitat: marine, from coastal zones to deep oceans

Distribution ln all oceans and adjoining seas worldwide

Sea Anemones HD Photos:

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Sea Anemone Animal

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