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Cow Animal Facts

The rivers of milk flow in our INDIAN country and these milk is found only by cow. The cow animal of milch breeds are high milk yielders and, therefore, they are also called dairy breeds. They have lateral and often curled horns. Outstanding examples of such breeds are Gir, Sindhi, Sahiwal and Deoni. In the United States of America, and india these breeds have become good beef breeds Indian Cow Animal . In case of dual purpose breeds, the cows are fairly good milkers.

In our India, the cow is worshiped by the god as the god, in All India, the cow is like our mother, which is worshipable. The singer has a lot of importance in our culture. The cow’s color is black, white and white, in today’s time, cow is a family member of small family in India and cow animal also gives 2 times milk. The livelihood of all the farmers who live in the cow runs every month from the cow RS.10000 More than 50000 income is from.

Cow dung is also of great importance in India, cow’s cow dung is used in Yagna, cow is the most popular animal in all animals A lot of products are produced from the cow’s milk. Chocolate, ice cream, paneer, and even desserts are made in all the villages of India. The life of all the humans in India is associated with cow animal. The cow is bathed in the morning and 3 times water is drink and 3 times is eaten, the grass is added to the farme which is grown in the field and the cow is 5 to 10 liters milk. Is available, is several species of cow.

Highest Milk Producing Cattle (cow) Breeds

  • Holstein Cattle Breed
  • Norwegian Red Cattle Breed
  • Kostroma Cattle Type
  • Brown Swiss Cattle Breed
  • Swedish Red Cattle Breed
  • Ayrshire Cattle Breed
  • Angeln Cattle Breed
  • Guernsey Cattle Breed
  • Milking Shorthorn Cattle Breed
  • Pie Rouge des Plaines Cattle Breed


Lifespan: 18 – 22 years
Scientific name: Bos taurus
Gestation period: 285 days
Speed: 20 – 40 km/h
Mass: Male: 1,100 kg (Adult, Bull), Female: 720 kg (Adult, Cow)

Cow Animal Wallpapers

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