Baer’s Pochard Bird Facts with Pictures

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The Baer’s pochard Bird is a diving duck found in eastern Asia. It breeds in southeast Russia and northeast China, migrating in winter to southern China, Vietnam, Japan, and India. The name commemorates the Estonian naturalist Karl Ernst von Baer.

Baer’s pochard Bird Facts:

  • Size: 41-46 cm
  • Voice: Mostly silent
  • Range: Winter vagrant mostly to NE India and Bangladesh
  • Habitat: Large Rivers; lakes

Dark grey to black head, neck and back, with light brownish-red and white sides. Head can be seen to have dark green sheen on it in sunlight, and at all times, white eyes contrast strongly with surrounding feathers. White band on upperwing can be seen but not when wings are folded in flight, at rest.

Female can be distinguished by difference in colour between head and brown breast, and more domed head. Juvenile similar to female, except for light brown head.

Baer’s pochard Bird Pics:


Baer's Pochard Bird photo


Baer's Pochard Bird pics


Baer's Pochard Bird

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