Baikal teal Bird Facts with Pictures

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The Baikal teal Bird , also called the bimaculate duck or squawk duck, is a dabbling duck that breeds in eastern Russia and winters in East Asia Baikal teal Bird.

Baikal teal Bird Facts:

Size: 39-43 cm

Voice: Call a chuckling wat…wat…wat

Range: Winter vagrant to N India

Habitat: Recorded on large rivers

Male has head patterned in green, buff, black and white. Pink breast spotted black; white stripe running down breast sides, black undertail-coverts; pointed brown-red scapulars. Breeding male has vibrant plumage with golden cheek, black stripe on top of head bordered with white streaks. Female has more detailed head pattern and more reddish-brown.

Baikal teal Bird Photos:


Baikal teal Bird hd


Baikal teal Bird photo


Baikal teal Bird pics


Baikal teal Bird

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