Bandicoot Animals Facts With Photos

Eastern barred bandicoot small animal

Length: 27-35 cm (10*1/2-14 in)

Tail: 7-11 cm (2*3/4- 4*1/4 in)

Weight: 0.5-1.5 kg(1-3*1/4lb) 

Social unit: Individual

Status: Vulnerable

A Bandicoot Animal few hundred of these bandicoots survive in mainland Australia, in Victoria, the majority being found in Tasmania. This omnivorous opportunist forages alone at night and shelters by day in a simple nest of grasses, leaves, and twigs.

The eastern barred bandicoot has rabbit- like ears, 3-4 whitish back stripes, and a white tail. Its life cycle is rapid: 13-day gestation and weaning by 60 days. Females are sexually mature at age 3  months, males at 4-5 months.

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