Bark Bugs Insect Facts with Images

Bark Bugs Insect

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The Bark Bugs Insect Aradus depressus is a European bark bug that lives under the bark of dead trees, where there is a plentiful supply of fungus to feed on. Most Aradus sp. -the largest genus in the family-are from the Northern Hemisphere. Length 0.2-0.3 inches (5-7 MM)


Bark Bugs Insect facts and photos

Common name:  Bark dugs

(fungus bugs, flat bugs)

 Family: Aradidae

Suborder: Heteroptera

Order: Hemiptera

Class /subphylum: Insecta / Hexapoda

Number of species:About 1,800 (104 U.S.)

Size: From about 0.12 in (3 mm) to 0.5 in (13 mm)

Key features:Body very flattened, usually oval in outline; legs rather short, antennae short and thick; body often covered in small spines or knobs; also may be pitted so that they are rather “toady” in appearance; usually have camouflage coloration of reddish- or dark brown; some species wingless, others may have fully or partially developed wings; maxillae and mandibles long, thin, and coiled up in special chambers inside the head when not in use

Habits: Nearly all live under bark, but a few live on the forest floor in leaf litter or on fungi

Breeding:Male lies below female during mating; maternal (and occasional paternal) care has been noted in the family; in species living in temperate climates there is no particular breeding season; nymphs in colder climates hibernate and develop the following spring

Diet: All are fungus feeders; a few species feed on tree sap

Habitat: Wherever there are trees of a suitable age with loose bark; a number of species recorded among leaf litter in forests

Distribution:  Worldwide in forested areas

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Bark Bugs Insect Facts and pics

Bark Bugs Insect Facts with Images

Bark Bugs Insect facts

Bark Bugs Insect Pics

Bark Bugs Insect