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The Bear Animal body length of a predator can range from 1.2 to 3 meters, the Bear Animal weight of a bear varies from 40 kg to a ton, The Bear Animal body of these animals is large stocky with a thick short neck and large head, Bear Animal Powerful jaws make it easy to gnaw both vegetable and meat foods, The Bear Animal limbs are rather short and slightly curved, Bear Animal bear walks swaying from side to side and rests on the whole foot, The Bear Animal speed of a bear in times of danger can reach 50 km With the help of large and sharp claws, these Bear Animal extract food from under the earth Many species of bears swim well, A polar Bear Animal has a special membrane between the fingers, The Bear Animal life expectancy of a bear can reach 45 years.

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Bear Animal Facts with Photos

Bear Animal Facts with Pictures

Bear Animal Facts

Bear Animal

Bear Animal Facts

Bear Animal

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Bear Animal Pics

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