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Blood Pheasant Bird

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The Blood Pheasant Bird lives in the west of Nepal until the northeast of India, Bhutan and the north-west of Myanmar. In addition, it is found in Tibet, Blood Pheasant Bird in the Chinese provinces of Yunnan, Gansu, Sichuan and Shaanxi. The Blood Pheasant Bird living space is forests and bush in high mountains. In summer, it lives in the meadows above the forest boundary, Blood Pheasant Bird as well as in juniper, rhododendron, bamboo and pine forests. In winter it descends to lower heights.

The Blood Pheasant Bird size of the adult is 45 cm. Like all other pheasants, the red-crowned pheasant suffers from the destruction of its ancestral habitats and direct harassment from the hunters. Saves his commitment to life in the most remote tracts, away from man. Blood Pheasant Bird In the coloring of the plumage of this species, Blood Pheasant Bird there is a pronounced geographical variability in the presence of two basic types.

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