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The shark fish belongs to the type of chordate animals, the class of cartilaginous fish, the order of sharks. The origin of the india shark” originates from the language of the ancient Vikings, who called any fish “hakall”. In the 18th century, india became known as dangerous waterfowl predators and originally the word sounded like Shark Fish. Most of the sharks live in salt water, but some species live in fresh water.

Shark: description

Due to the species diversity, the length of shark is very different: the shallow bottom hardly reaches 20 cm, and the whale shark grows to 20 meters and has a weight of 34 tons (mass of the average sperm whale). The skeleton of a shark has no bones and consists only of cartilaginous tissue. The big shark streamlined body is covered with scales with pronounced relief protrusions Learn How To Start Shark Fish, the strength of which is not inferior to the teeth, in connection with which the scales of the shark water fish were called dermal teeth.

The big shark’s respiratory organs are the gill slits located in front of the pectoral fins The Shark Fish That Wins Customers. The Secret Of Shark Fish and heart of the shark supports too low blood pressure, so to stimulate blood flow the fish should be as often as possible in motion, helping the heart with continuous muscle contractions. Although some species of shark fish feel grea

The shark does not have a swimming bladder that has all the bony fish. Therefore, the buoyancy of the shark is provided by a giant liver, which makes up almost a third of the body weight of predatory fish, low density of cartilaginous tissue and fins.

Big Shark Fish

The shark’s stomach is very elastic, so it can hold a large amount of food. To digest food, the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice is not enough, and then the sharks turn the stomach inside out, freeing from undigested surpluses, and interestingly – the stomach does not suffer from numerous sharp teeth at the same time.

Sharks have excellent vision, exceeding the severity of the human in 10 times. Hearing is represented by the inner ear and captures low frequencies and infrasound, and also provides predatory fish with a balance function.

Sharks have a rare sense of smell and can smell the smells coming through the air and the water. The smell of blood predators is caught in a ratio of 1 to a million, which is comparable to a teaspoon, divorced in a swimming pool.

Big Whale Shark Fish hd Wallpapers

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