Binturong Animal Facts & Photos, 2021

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Binturong Animal

Glucksspielvertrag Binturong Length: 61-96 cm (24-38 in)

Binturong Tail: 50-84 cm (20-33 in)

Binturong Weight: 9-20 kg (20-44 lb)

Binturong Social unit: Individual

Binturong Status: Vulnerable

Binturong Animal The binturong has shaggy black fur and tufted ears. Its tail is long-haired and prehensile at the tip. It moves slowly and cautiously among branches in search of fruit, shoots, and small animals such as insects, birds, and rodents. By day, it curls up on a secluded branch to rest, but may continue to feed. Individuals mark their territories with scent. The 1-6, usually 2, young, born after a gestation of 92 days, reach adult size in one year. The best casino bonuses for australian players australia online casino bonuses check here.

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Binturong Animal

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