Black-Necked Grebe Bird

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The Black-necked grebe Bird known in North America as the eared grebe, is a member of the grebe family of water birds. It

was described in 1831 by Christian Ludwig Brehm.

Black-necked grebe Bird Facts:

  • Size: 30 cm
  • Voice: Calls includes trills and whistles when breeding
  • Range: Scare, very local breeding resident: Parts of NW, NE India. Wanders more widely in winter, but rare except in Pakistan
  • Habitat: Well-vegetated wetlands; the coast in winter. Wanders more widely in the north in winter.

Small grebe with upturned bill, short uptilted tail and fluffy rear end. Breeding adult has blackish upperparts and rusty-red underparts. Head and neck black with golden yellow feathers on cheeks Non-breeding adult has dark upperparts, light, greyish-white belly and dirty grey neck; white crescent near ear. Sexes alike. Juvenile plumage buff-grey with white chin. Gregarious in nesting season; participates in elaborate courtship display.

Black-necked grebe Bird Images:


Black-Necked Grebe Bird image


Black-Necked Grebe Photo


Black-Necked Grebe

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