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Lampshells Brachiopod animal Lingula anatina lies with its shell at the top of a burrow, where it feeds by filtering seawater. The genus lingula is the oldest genus of animal life of which ther are still living species and dates back over 425 million years. Length (shell) 0.8-1 inches (2-3 cm).

Lingual anatine

Common name lampshells

Phylum brachiopoda

Number of species:  about 260

Size: shell o.3 in (8mm) to 1.5 in (4 cm)

Key features:simpale animal with paired convex shells attached at the back end. Usually with fleshy stalk; mantle cavity mostly filled with the paired loops of a tentacled feeding structure, the lophophore

Habits: sedentary as abults; live attached to hard substratum or burrow into soft sediment.

Breeding: most species have separate males and females; fertization and larval development in the water; a few species brood embryos within their shells .

Diet: small particles filtered out of the water, including plankton and detritus

Habitat: marine from intertidal zones to deep ocean

Distribution: woridwide, but generally in colder mater

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Brachiopod Animal


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