Brants’s whistling rat Rodent

Brants’s whistling rat is one of two species of Murid rodent in the genus Parotomys. It is found in Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry shrubland and pastureland.

Brants’s whistling rat Rodent Facts:

order Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 buy symantec antivirus Can you play craps online for money? Length: 2.5-16.5 cm

Tail: 7.5-10.5 cm

Weight: 85-125 g (3-4 oz)

Social unit: Group

Status: Least concern



Also known as the Karoo rat from its arid, rocky, saltbush habitat, this wary, diurnal species feeds on grass and other low-growing vegetation. It never wanders far from its extensive tunnel system, which can be accessed via numerous entrances. If danger threatens, it whistles loudly to warn other members of the colony. In favourable conditions, it can breed up to 4 times a year, females producing up to 4 young in each litter. Offspring mature quickly and are capable of breeding themselves when about 3 months old. Brants’s whistling rat has a reddish orange nose and small yellow ears. The fur is patchy yellow and brown-black, with grey-white underparts.

Brants’s whistling rat Rodent Pics and Photos:


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Brants’s whistling rat Rodent

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Brants’s whistling rat Rodent Pics

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Brants's whistling rat, Parotomys brantsii, at Kgalagadi Transfr

Brants's whistling rat, Parotomys brantsii, at Kgalagadi Transfr

Brants’s whistling rat Rodent Images

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