Cape Golden Mole Animal Facts and Images

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The Cape golden mole animal African golden moles (chrysochlorids) belong to a different order to the true moles animal (Soricomorpha). The Cape golden mole has the soft, dense fur typical of moles, which may appear olive, brown, or grey depending on the direction of the light.

Its snout has a hairless nose pad, its eyes and ears are tiny, and each front leg has two large digging claws all adaptations for a tunnelling lifestyle. It is solitary and eats worms, grubs and other soil creatures found when burrowing or that have fallen into its more permanent tunnels.

Length: 9-14cm

Tail: None

Weight: Not recorded

Social unit: Individual

Status: Least concern

golden mole animal Photos:


Cape Golden Mole Animal


Cape Golden Mole Animal photo


Cape Golden Mole Animal hd

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