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Cheetahs are one of Africa’s most powerful predators and are most renowned for their immense speed, Cheetah is the fastest animal. Cheetah animals photos hd wallpapers download, Cheetah Images Backgrounds Pictures, African Animals Cheetah Pics Free Download and Running cheetah Picture of Jumping Cheetah images see here Loving Cheetah Wallpapers Latest Photos Update.

Cheetah Facts

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Genus: Acinonyx
Scientific Name: Acinonyx jubatus
Common Name: Cheetah
Group: Mammal
Number Of Species: 5
Location: Asia and Africa
Habitat: Open grassland
Colour: Yellow, Tan, Brown, Black
Skin Type: Fur
Size (H): 115cm – 136cm (45in – 53in)
Weight: 40kg – 65kg (88lbs – 140lbs)
Top Speed: 112kph (70mph)
Diet: Carnivore
Prey: Gazelle, Wildebeest, Hare
Predators: Human, Lion, Eagle
Lifestyle: Diurnal
Group Behaviour: Solitary/Pairs
Life Span: 10 – 12 years
Age Of Sexual Maturity: 20 – 24 months
Gestation Period: 90 days
Average Litter Size: 3
Name Of Young: Cub
Age Of Weaning: 3 months
Conservation Status: Vulnerable
Estimated Population Size: 8,500

Cheetah Animal Renowned as the world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah can sprint at over 100 kph (62 mph) for 10-20 seconds. If its prey can stay ahead for longer than this, it invariably escapes. The cheetah eats medium-sized ungulates such as Thomson’s gazelle, as well as larger antelopes and smaller animals such as hares. It is more sociable than any other big cat except lions. Siblings leave their mother at 13-20 months, but may stay together for several more months – indeed, brothers may stay together for years.


Desert animals tend to be paler with smaller spots.The “king cheetah”, from southeast Africa, has the largest spots, which appear to merge and form stripes on its back.

Cheetah animals Photos Gallery


Cheetah animals hd wallpaper Cheetah animal wallpapers


Cheetah animals hd wallpapers

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