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The ciliates insects Paramecium is surrpunded by a tough coating with numerous cilia. It also has a distinct furrow leading to the cytostome, or cell mouth Length about 0.02 inches (0.5 mm).

Arimidex no prescription fast shipping Arimidex no prescription fast shipping Common name: Ciliates

Scientific name: Ciliophora

Domain: Eukaryota

Phylum: Ciliophora

Kingdom: Protista

Number of species: About 8,000 known, with many more yet to be described

Size: Generally microscopic, from a few microns to 0.1 in (3 mm) in length

Key Features: Single-celled organisms with two distinct types of nuclei and external cilia; internal structure may be very complex

Habits: Mostly Free living;occasionally parasitic; many have resistant cyst phase

Breeding: Mostly asexual by binary fission; no males or females sexual reproduction involves conjugation of compatible cell types

Diet: Mostly bacteria thar are engulfed and digested in cell vacuoles

Habitat: mainly fresh water and distribution worldwide


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