Columbian Ground Squirrel Rodent

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The Columbian ground squirrel Rodent, is a species of rodent common in certain regions of Canada and the northwestern United States.

Columbian ground squirrel Rodent Facts:

Length: 24.7-25.8 cm

Tail: 8.4-10 cm

Weight: 441-490 g

Social unit: Group

Status: Least concern

The Columbian ground squirrel (“Columbia” being British Columbia, Canada) comes from mountain meadows and hilly grassland. Its diet consists of fruit, seeds, flowers, bulbs, and on occasions insects caught in mid-air. Living in a small colony, it “kisses” when it meets other Columbian ground squirrels, tilting its head to sniff the oral scent glands near the mouth.

Columbian ground squirrel Rodent Pictures:

Columbian Ground Squirrel Rodent


Columbian Ground Squirrel image


Columbian Ground Squirrel hd

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