Common Chimpanzee Primate

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The Common Chimpanzee Primate also known as the robust chimpanzee, is a species of great ape. The common chimpanzee is usually called the Common Chimpanzee Primate

The Common Chimpanzee Primate researchers reported that Common Chimpanzee Primate began to create in the tree trunks incomprehensible constructions of Common Chimpanzee Primate stones that have nothing to do with food production or other vital functions

Common Chimpanzee Primate After installing special cameras, scientists removed monkeys, which threw stones into tree trunks, accompanied by loud cries. In addition, according to researchers, such a ritual can be an indirect proof that Common Chimpanzee Primate evolve into humans.

Common Chimpanzee Primate Facts:

  • Length: 70-96 cm (28-38 in)
  • Tail: None
  • Weight: 20-70 kg (44-200 lb)
  • Social unit: Group
  • Status: Endangered

Common Chimpanzee Primate live in Communities of up to 150. Subgroup composition varies almost hourly for activities such as grooming, feeding, travelling, and defending the territory. This last task is usually carried out by adult male parties, who may attack and kill stray chimps from other communities.

Common Chimpanzee Primate Most daylight hours are spent eating mainly fruit and leaves, but also flowers and seeds. Raiding parties sometimes cooperate to kill and eat animal prey, such as monkeys, birds, and small antelopes. Social bonds may last years, but there are no long-term male-female bonds for reproduction.

The single young (rarely twins), born after a gestation period of 8 months, is fed, carried, and groomed by its mother for 3-4 years. It also learns her feeding techniques. Common chimpanzees not only use tools but also make them for example, stripping side branches from a twig, which it uses to scoop out termites from their nest.

The two chimpanzee species are our closest living relatives, and their intelligence, range of emotions, and communication and learning skills have made them valuable to animal trainers, collectors, and researchers. They are also killed for the bushmeat trade.


The common chimpanzee uses a wide variety of expressions, clearly visible on the hairless facial area. In particular, it uses its flexible, protrusile lips to make grimace-like “smiles” that actually signify fear.


The common chimpanzee makes more than 30 distinct calls, including the pant-hoot (shown right), which consists of shrieks and roars that can be heard up to 2km (1 miles) away.

It is used in many situations and is the most common adult sound. It is thought to identify the caller within its community and solicit information from other members.


Each adult common chimpanzee builds a new, individual tree nest each night, for sleeping. (Rarely an old nest is renovated or reused.)

The common chimpanzee bends over and intertwines many branches to make a firm, leafy platform, usually 3-10m (10-33ft) above the forest floor, away from ground-based predators. Infants generally sleep in their mothers’ nests until they are about 5-6 years of age.

Common Chimpanzee Primate Pics:


Common Chimpanzee Primate photo


Common Chimpanzee Primate


Common Chimpanzee

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