Common Goldeneye Bird Facts with Pictures

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The Common goldeneye Bird is a medium-sized sea duck of the genus Bucephala, the goldeneyes. Its closest relative is the similar Barrow’s goldeneye.

Common goldeneye Bird Facts:

Size: 42-50 cm

Voice: Quiet, occasionally emitting a faint krrr or a loud zee-zee. In flight, wings produce a whistling or rattling sound

Range: Rare winter visitor

Habitat: Uncommon. Sometimes seen in open freshwater such as rivers, avoiding shallow, heavily vegetated waters.

Attractive sea duck with distinct plumage. Breeding male has wedge-shaped, glossy green-black head, golden eye, peaked forehead, short bill with white patch at base, white patch on wing; longish tail white body with white dorsal stripe.

Female and non-breeding male have chocolate-brown head; white collar and grey body with white wing patch. Juvenile similar to female, but has more grey-brown head. Preys on invertebrates with short dive with wings closed and tail spread.

Common goldeneye Bird Pictures:


Common goldeneye Bird wallpaper


Common goldeneye Bird

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