Common Merganser Bird Facts with Images

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The Common merganser Bird or goosander is a large duck of rivers and lakes in forested areas of Europe, northern and central Asia, and North America. The common merganser eats fish and nests in holes in trees.

Common merganser Bird Facts:

  • Size: 58-72 cm
  • Voice: Male has a deep kruu…kra call; female a shorter praha note
  • Range: Rather scarce. Breeds in the Himalayas and NE mountains winter on N rivers
  • Habitat: Rests on rocks. Flight path usually follows river course

Common merganser Bird Large, slender duck with streamlined body, big head and long, narrow, reddish-orange, serrated bill Breeding male has glossy green domed head; bushy, mane-like feathers on back of neck; white lower neck, breast, belly and flanks; bright red feet and legs; pinkish tint to underparts; white patch on inner wing.

Female has brown head and shaggy crest grey and cream underparts. Juvenile similar to female, but duller with whitish throat, paler head and creamy-yellow bill. Goosander Bird Feeds solely on fish by repeated diving. Often swims with head submerged to locate prey.

Common merganser Bird Photos:


Common Merganser Bird image


Common Merganser Bird photo


Common Merganser Bird wallpaper


Common Merganser Bird

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