Common Teal Bird Facts with Images

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The Eurasian teal or Common Teal Bird is a common and widespread duck which breeds in temperate Eurasia and migrates south in winter.

Common Teal Bird Facts:

  • Size: 34 cm
  • Voice: Call a Krit…Krit… also wheezy quack
  • Range: Entire subcontinent in winter
  • Habitat: Jheels; marshes; village ponds. Often hunted

Small pale-grey duck with chestnut head. Underparts finely streaked dark grey; creamy patch on chest has fine black spots. Dark russet-red head with bottle green eye-stripe bordered white. Both sexes display dark green, black-and-white wing-bar in flight.

Female mottled dark and light brown; pale belly; black and green wing speculum. Most common migratory duck, Swift flier.

Common Teal Bird Images:


Common Teal Bird hd


Common Teal Bird image


Common Teal Bird wallpaper


Common Teal Bird