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Coral Animal Facts

Water Coral Colonies of the soft coral alcyonium digitatum, or dead man’s fingers, can be found around the coasts of western europe, colonies can grow up to 8 inches [20 cm] in height.


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Common name: stony corals, soft corals, horny corals, sea pens, sea fans

Class: anthozoa [part], Ehrenberg

Phylum: cnidaria

Number of species: about 5,000

Common Name: Coral
Scientific Name: Anthozoa
Found: Tropical Oceans
Size: 1cm – 3m (0.4in – 118in)
Lifespan: 14 – 28 years
Colour: Multi-coloured
Skin Type: Porous
Favourite Food: Plankton
Habitat: Forest and thick woodland
Average Litter Size: 1,000s
Main Prey: Plankton, Fish, Shrimp

Coral Animal

Size: solitary forms up to 20 in [50 cm] in diameter, polyps of colonial forms usually less than 0,2 in [5 mm] in diameter; colonies up to several feet across; entire reefs can extend for miles

Key features: Coral Animal mostly colonial polyps, either soft bodied or overlying a stony skeleton of secreted calcium carbonate; colony may be encrusting or erect making antler, feather, fan, plate, slipper, or boulder shape; colors include vibrant shades of red, purple, orange, green, and blue or brown and black

Habits: sessile [attachad by the substratum]; colonial, but compete aggressively for growing space

Breeding: colonies grow by asexual budding; sexual reproduction involve simultaneous shedding of  gametes into the water Coral; fertilization leads to development of free swimming pianula larvae that disperse and settle to found new colonies elsewhere

Diet: reef-building (hermatypic) Coral gain most of their nutrients from symbiotic algae living inside  each polyp; other food, mainly plankton and bacteria, is captured from water Coral by tentacles

Habitat: marine, mostly shallow tropical seas, some specialized corals live in deeper and colder  water

Distribution: worldwide, mainly in the thropics.



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Coral Animal wallpapers


Coral Animal

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Coral Animal Facts

Coral photos gallery


Coral photos


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