Cotton Pygmy Goose Bird

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The Cotton pygmy goose Bird or cotton teal is a small perching duck which breeds in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Southeast Asia and south to Queensland.

Cotton pygmy goose Bird Facts:

  • Size: 32 cm
  • Voice: Clucking noises, uttered in flight
  • Range: Almost all over India; not common. Possibly absent over arid NW regions
  • Habitat: Still freshwater lakes (jheels); rain-filled ditches; inundated paddy fields; irrigation tanks, etc.

Cotton pygmy goose Bird Small duck with round head and short blackish bill. White head, neck and underparts; glossy dark green above; narrow dark breast-band. Breeding male has green-black upperparts and white underparts; black cap and breast-band; pale grey flanks. Cotton pygmy goose Bird Striking white wing-bars visible in flight.

Non-breeding plumage similar to female; drabber, more brown; dark stripe through eye and white eyebrow. Feeds in flocks on seeds and other vegetation, crustaceans, insects and vegetation.

Cotton pygmy goose Bird Photos:


Cotton Pygmy Goose Bird hd


Cotton Pygmy Goose Bird imagr


Cotton Pygmy Goose Bird photo


Cotton Pygmy Goose Bird

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