Cougar Animal Facts with hd Wallpapers

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Cougar Animal

Length: 0.9-1.6 m (2.3/4-5.1/4 ft)

Tail: 60-97 cm (23.1/2-38 in)

Speed: 64 – 80 km/h (Running)

Weight: 34-72 kg (75-160 ld)

Location: w. And s. North america,        

social unit: individual

Mass: Male: 53 – 100 kg, Female: 29 – 64 kg (Adult)

Central america, south america            

status: least concern

The Cougar Animal Larger than some “big” cats, the puma – also called panther, cougar, or mountain lion – is probably related more closely to smaller cats. Most of its fur is uniformly buff-coloured. It makes many sounds, includind an eerily human-like scream when courting. But it cannot roar. Amazingly adaptable, the puma lives in habitats ranging from tropical rainforest, high mountains, and conifer forest to desert. Small mammals, such as mice, rats, rabbits, and hares, form the staple diet in many areas, as well as occasional sheep, young cattle, moose, and other livestock; the puma rarely scavenges.

Births peak from february to september, the litter  size ranges from 1-4 (average 2). The spotted cubs are born after a gestation of 92 – 96 days, in a den among rocks or in a thicket. They take solid food from 6 – 7 weeks.

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Cougar Animal

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