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The black cricket family Gryllidae, cricket insect gryllus bimaculatus, is native to southern europe. It is bred commercially as lizard food. Being large and stocky it cannot fly, and the male sing a birdlike song day and night. Body length 1-1.2 inches (2.5-3.0 cm).

Black cricket (gryllus bimaculatus)

Common name: crickets

Family: grylidae

Suborder: ensifera

Order: orthoptera

Class/subphylum: insecta/ hexapoda

Number of species: about 2.000 (about 100 u.s.)

Size: from about 0.06 in (1.5 mm) to 2.3 in (6 cm)

Key features: separated from related insects, such as katydids, by the fact that crikets have only 3 segments in the tarsus of the middle leg. While katydids have 4; jumping hind legs short and fairly stout, antennae long and slim, sometimes more than twice the body length; female ovipositor straight and cylindrical; hearing organ on each front leg

Habits: during the day generally found on the ground, sheltering under stones and long or among vegetation; most are active at night, but some are day active; some males dig burrown

Breeding: males usually attract females by “singing” mating takes place at night and therefore not often seen; females use ovipositor to insert eggs in the ground, into crevices, and sometimes into plants; females lay just 1 egg at a time

Diet: perhaps the most omnivorous of the orthoptera, feeding on both plants and other insects; flowers-especially the pollen-rich anthers-a favorite of some species

Habitat: meadows, parks, gardens, forests, mountains,deserts, and caves; also ants’ nests

Distribution: widespread around the world.

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