Culpeo Animal Facts And HD Photos

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Culpeo Animal

The Culpeo Animal sometimes known as the Zorro culpeo or Andean fox, Culpeo Animal is a South American fox species. It is the Culpeo Animal second largest native canid on the continent, Culpeo Animal after the maned wolf. In appearance Culpeo Animal it bears many similarities to the widely recognized red fox, Culpeo Animal are the largest species of fox in South America.

They have a Culpeo Animal body length between 60 and 120 cms – 23.5 – 47 inches, Culpeo Animal a tail length between 30 and 45 cms (12 – 18 inches), Culpeo Animal and they weigh between 5 and 13.5 kgs (11 – 30 lbs), They are Culpeo Animal grizzled grey in colour on their back and they are reddish/brown on their head, Culpeo Animal neck, Culpeo Animal ears and legs, Culpeo Animal Their long bushy tail has a black tip.

Culpeo Animal Facts

Length: 44.5-92.5 cm

Tail: 30-49 cm

Weight: 3.4-10 kg

Social unit: Pair

Status: Least Concern

Culpeo Animal A species of open upland and pampas grassland, this large, powerful fox is extensively hunted for its fur and to prevent predation of livestock such as lambs and poultry. Its diet also includes rodents, rabbits, birds and their eggs, and seasonal berries and fruit. Like many foxes, it stores food during times of plenty, burying the excess or wedging it under logs and rocks, for later consumption.  The culpeo’s coat is grizzled grey on the back and shoulders, more tawny on the head, neck, ears, and legs, with a fluffy, black-tipped tail.

Culpeo Animal Pictures

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Culpeo Animal

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