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Love Bird

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Parrots Birds Facts:

These conspicuous, brightly coloured Love Bird have populated most of the world’s warmer areas, and are particulary abundant in tropical forests. In addition to true parrots, this group Love Bird includes the familiar macaws, parakeets, cockatoos, cockatiels, lorikeets, and budgerigars, among others. Noisy and sociable in the wild parrots have Love Bird long been popular as pets, prized for their remarkable ability to mimic human sound. Although theymay range some distance to forage, very few parrots are truly migratory.


Parrots are easily recognized by their large head, short neck, and strongly hooked bill. They have hard, distinctively glossy plumage, usually predominantly green for camouflage in the forest foliage, with patches of other bright colours. Love Birds Their feet, consisting of 2 toes pointing forwards and 2 backwards, are used for climbing trees, and the bill is frequently used as a third limb for climbing for holding. The wings are typically narrow and pointed, enabling parrots to fly with great speed and manoeuvrability.


Virtually all parrots feed exclusively on plant material, including seeds, nuts, fruit, nectar and flowers. Feeding is often an exercise in coordination between bill and foot the later grasping a food item and holding a food it up for the bill to work over. Love Bird Although most parrots feed in the trees, many species also readily descend to the ground to forage.

Parrots bill:

A parrot’s hooked bill is remarkably flexible; both the upper and lower mandibles are hinged against the skull for independent movment.

Nectar feeders:

Lories and lorikeets (here, a rainbow lorikeet) feed on necatar. They have a brush like tip to their tongue to help them sweep the liquid into their mouth.

Parrots Birds HD Photos:

Parrots Couple Parrots Couple HD Wallpapers Images Love Bird Parrot Cute Love Bird Colorful Parrot

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