Dark kangaroo mouse Rodent Facts and Pictures

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The Dark kangaroo mouse Rodent is a species of rodent in the family Heteromyidae. It is found in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Utah in the United States.

Dark kangaroo mouse Rodent Facts:

Length: 6.5-7.5 cm

Tail: 6.5-10.5 cm

Weight: 10-17 g

Social unit: Individual

Status: Least concern

The dark kangaroo mouse is named after its dark-furred, large back legs, which it uses for hopping and leaping over sand dunes and soft, dry soil. The upperparts are grey-brown, the underparts pure white. The prominent eyes, large ears, long snout, and bushy whiskers indicate adaptation for a nocturnal lifestyle. Like many small desert rodents, this species is a seasonal opportunist. In summer it consumes mainly insects; in winter, it switches to being a seed-hoarder in its burrow nest, carrying food items in its external cheek pouches. It also stores food as body fat in its dumpy tail. Each male dark kangaroo mouse aggressively defends a territory of up to 6600 square m (7900 square yd) against others of its species. Female territories tend to be much smaller, only about 400 square m (480 square yd). Each female produces a litter of 2-7 offspring.

Dark kangaroo mouse Rodent Photos Collection:

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