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The http://ulols.com/zufehacox buy augmentin online no prescription Where to Buy Real Synthroid Buy Online Amoxil enter site Darkling beetle Insect cellar or churchyard beetle, blaps mucronata, is often found in cellars and stables. It feeds on vegetable detritus. Length 0.8 inches (20 mm).


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Darkling beetle Insect Facts:

Common name: Darkling beetles

Family: Tenebrionidae

Suborder: Polyphaga

Order: Coleoptera

Class/subphylum: Insecta/Hexapoda

Number of species: About 18,000 (about 1,300 us.)

Size: From about 0.08 in (2 mm) to about 1.4 in (3.5 cm)

Key features: Body form variable; color mostly dull brown or black, Darkling beetle Insect sometimes black and white or even fairly brightly colored; elytra usually wrinkled or ridged, often fused eyes almost invariably with a notch in the frontal ridge; antennae threadlike, beadlike, or with a faint club, almost always with 11 segments

Habits: variable, some species diurnal, running around conspicuously in daytime; many are nocturnal or live under logs and stones, Darkling beetle Insect others live in nests of termites, mammals, and birds or in stored food products

Breeding: In some species the males are horned and fight over access to females in many desert species males spend much of their time pursuing females over the desert eggs are laid fungi, rotting wood, and stored products or in the ground the shiny, cylindrical larvae resemble wireworms



Diet: Fungi, grains, field crops, wind-blown detritus, carrion, bat guano, rotten wood

Habitat: Most common in deserts (all but 140 of the 1 or so species from the US. are from the southwestern deserts); also in forests, houses, barns, stables, caves, and animal nests; some species live under seaweeds on the coast

Distribution: Worldwide; common in some of the world’s driest deserts where few other insects live.

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Darkling beetle Insect and Photos Collection

Darkling beetle Insect Facts and Images

Darkling beetle Insect Facts and Photos

Darkling beetle Insect Facts and Pictures

Darkling beetle Insect Facts with Photos

Darkling beetle Insect Facts with Pictures

Darkling beetle Insect Photo

Darkling beetle Insect Photos

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Darkling beetle Insect

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