Dhole Animal, Dhole Animal Facts & Photos

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Dhole Animal

  • Length: o.9-1.4 cm
  • ail: 32-50 cm
  • Weight: 10-20 kg (22-44 lb)
  • Social unit: Group
  • Status:  Endangered

Asian wild dog Animal Also called the Asian red dog, the dhole is widespread, but with a shrinking overall range and declining numbers.It lives in territorial, day-active packs of up to 25 individuals, including pups,that are usually based on an extended family.

The fur colour is evenly tawny or dark red, with a darker tail and lighter underparts, the legs are relatively short.The main prey is medium-sized hoofed mammals, supplemented by smaller creatures, fruit, and other plant food.

Dhole Animal Photos:


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Dhole Animal


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