Earthworm Animal Insect Facts And images

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The European common earthworm, lumbricus terrestris, is found wherever there is moisture, including grass, mud, and beneath stones. Length 3.5-12 inches (9-30 cm).

Common name: earthworms

Subclass: oligochaeta

Class: clitellata

Phylum: annelida

Number of species: about 3,100

Size: from 1 in (2.5 cm) to 13 ft (4 m) long

Key features: long, soft, moist body with annular rings representing body segments; mostly reddish in color, witha few short, stiff hairs sprouting from each segment; in sexually mature adults several segments swell to from the saddle, or clitellum

Habits: mostly soil dwelling or aquatic, use hydraulic action to burrow and swin

Reproduction:asexual by splitting in two (fission) in many aquatic species; sexual reproduction involves mating of hermaphrodite pairs; fertilized eggs are shed into cocoon formed by the clitellum

Diet: mostly plant material

Habitat: soil, fresh water

Distribution: worldwide except Antarctica and arid deserts

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