Eastern Gorilla Primate

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The Eastern Gorilla Primate has a large head, a broad chest, long legs, a flat nose with the eastern gorilla primate large nose. Its coat is mostly black, the eastern gorilla prime matures have silver bars on their backs.

The eastern gorilla prime foam covers almost the whole body except for face, chest, palms and feet. With age, he gets a brown color.

The Eastern Gorilla Primate Body Weight of an adult male is only 160 kg, sometimes up to 220 kg, women weigh 70 to 114 kilograms; Body length 185 cm in men and 150 cm in women

The Eastern Gorilla Primate Women give birth to cubs only once in 3-4 years. For them the Eastern Gorilla Prime pregnancy runs up to 8.5 months, after which a cubs are born.

The Eastern Gorilla Prime Nebrorn has brownish pink skin and can crawl after 9 weeks of birth. Weak in 3.5 years. Sexual maturity is 10 years in women and 15 years in men. The Eastern Gorilla Primate is the life time of the Eastern Gorilla 40-50 years.

Eastern Gorilla Primate Facts:

  • Length: 1-1.2 m
  • Tail: None
  • Weight: 68-210 kg (1-460 lb)
  • Social unit: Group
  • Status: Critically endangered

Previously considered a subspecies of the western gorilla, this species includes eastern lowland gorillas (Gorilla beringei graueri), and one or more subspecies of mountain gorillas (such as Gorilla beringei beringei).

Each group roams a home range of 400-800 hectares from a central core area, may overlap with neighbouring groups. Main foods are leaves, shoots, and stems, especially bamboo; also fruit, roots, soft bark, and fungi.

Occasionally, ants are scooped up and swallowed quickly before they bite. At dusk, the group settles to rest the adult males on the ground, females and young sometimes in nests in trees.

Each female shares a nest with her current offspring. The dominant silverback fathers most or all young in the group.

He gains the attention of receptive females with m feeding, hoots, chest-beating, thumping plants or jump kicking. A female who has bred, is unlikely to transfer to another male unless her original mate is killed.

The offspring remains with its mother until her next birth, after about 4 years. Some eastern gorillas attract tourist income and receive protection, but others are at continued risk from poaching.


Long-term groups of up to 40 usually comprise one silverback, females, and young. Sometimes brothers, or father and son, stay together, resulting in a multi-male group.

Eastern Gorilla Primate Pictures:

Eastern Gorilla hd


Eastern Gorilla Primate hd


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Eastern Gorilla Primate

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