Echidna Animal Facts And Photos

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Echidna Animal

1. Short-beaked echidna

Length: 30-45(12-18 in)

Tail: 1 cm (3/8in)

Weight: 2.5-7kg(5 1/2 – 15lb)

Social unit: individual

Status: Least concern

The spines of this species, also called the spiny anteater, are longer than the fur between them. Active both day and night, this echidna is solitary and can become torpid in very cold or hot weather, when its temperature falls from the normal 31-33C(88-92F) to as low as 4C(39F). It eats a variety of ants, termites, grubs, and worms. These are detected by smell and perhaps by sensors on the long snout that detect electric signals. The head is small and there is no discernible neck.


Echidna Animal image


Echidna Animal


Echidna Animal

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