Egyptian Fruit Bat, Egyptian Fruit Bat Animal Photos

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Egyptian Fruit Bat Animal

Length: 14-16 cm

Tail: 1.2-2 cm

Weight: 80-100 g

Social unit: Group

Status: Least Concern

Egyptian Fruit Bat Widespread and adaptable, this fruit– and leaf-eating bats are sometimes so common that they reach pest status and damage farm crops. They are also one of the fruit bat species to use the high-pitched “clicks” of echolocation. This means they can find their way around and roost in dark caves, rather than sleeping in trees like other fruit bats.


The Egyptian rosette vanes from dark brown to slate grey on the back, with lighter, smoky grey underparts. Unusually, its fur extends about halfway along each forearm.

Egyptian Fruit Bat Animal Photos:


Egyptian Fruit Bat image


Egyptian Fruit Bat photo


Egyptian Fruit Bat picture


Egyptian Fruit Bat

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