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Elephant Animal

Elephants Animal HD Wallpapers,elephants images and Elephant photos collection we could find just for you from all over the world, Download Free Elephants Animal Pictures Desktop Backgrounds, of Widescreen and High Quality.

The Elephants Animal largest living on land – the male African savanna elephant may be as tall as 4m (13 ft) and (9% tons) elephants are weigh nearly tonnes a thick-set body with by pillar-like legs, (relatively smaller a convexly curved spine, Elephants Animal large ears in Asian elephants), and a heavy head with a long, mobile trunk. African and Asian elephants live in savanna and light forest; African forest elephants (recently given species status) mainly live deep in the African rainforest (they occasionally venture on to the savanna). Elephants live for about 65-70 years -longer than any other mammals except humans. Previously, elephants were thought to grow throughout their lives.

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