European Rabbit Animal Facts and Photos

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The European rabbit Animal or coney is a species of rabbit native to southwestern Europe and to northwest Africa. It has been widely introduced elsewhere.

European rabbit Animal Facts:

Length: 34-50 cm

Tail: 4-8 cm

Weight: 1-2.5 kg

Social unit: Group

Status: Near threatened

European rabbit Animal Originally from southwest Europe and perhaps northwest Africa, where it is now rare, this species has been introduced to many other regions and has reached severe pest status in some, devastating farmland and wildlife. It is the ancestor of all breeds of domestic rabbits.

Nocturnal and very sociable, this European rabbit lives in colonies and digs complex tunnel systems (warrens) with many entrances and exits. It eats grass, herbs, twigs, and some bark. Senior females nest in the main warren but lower-ranking mothers may dig separate short burrows (stops) for their young.

The European rabbit Animal’s legendary powers of reproduction include a gestation period of 28-33 days and, in good conditions, a litter size of up to 8 (average 5), with as many as 6 litters a year. The newborn are helpless with eyes closed, and for warmth the mother lines the nursery chamber with dry grass, moss, and fur plucked from her own belly. She visits to suckle them for only a few minutes daily.

Buff patches

The   European rabbit is buff-coloured between the shoulders, and has a pale buff eye-ring, inner limb surfaces, and underside.

European rabbit Animal Images:


European Rabbit Animal image


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European Rabbit Animal

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