Fat-Tailed Gerbil Rodents

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The Fat-Tailed Gerbil Rodent length of the body of a mouse covered with a short fur, depending on the species, varies from 5 to 19 cm, and it doubles with the tail. These rodents have a rather short neck. On the pointed muzzle are small black eyes-beads and small semicircular ears, allowing mice to hear well.

Thin Fat-Tailed Gerbil Rodent and sensitive mustache, growing around the nose, give them the opportunity to navigate the environment perfectly. In mice, unlike hamsters, there are no cheek pouches.

The fat-tailed gerbil is a rodent belonging to subfamily Gerbil linae. It is the only member of the genus Pachyuromys. These rodents are the most docile species of the Gerbil subfamily. It is also called the duprasi gerbil.

Fat-Tailed Gerbil Rodent Facts:

  • Length: 9.5-13 cm
  • Tail: 5.5-16.5 cm
  • Weight: 20-50 g
  • Social unit: Variable
  • Status: Least concern

A Sahara dweller, the Fat-Tailed Gerbil Rodent has long, soft fur, a pointed snout, and long rear feet. Coloration is chestnut- cinnamon on the back and sides, with black tips to the hairs, shading to white underneath. The club-shaped tail contains a store of body fat for nourishment and water.

This Fat-Tailed Gerbil Rodent emerges from its burrow at dusk to search for insects such as crickets. It also eats leaves, seeds, and other plant matter.

Fat-Tailed Gerbil Rodent Pictures:


Fat-Tailed Gerbil hd


Fat-Tailed Gerbil photo


Fat-Tailed Gerbil Rodent


Fat-Tailed Gerbil Rodents

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