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The click click Play online casino slots money Online Live Casino Bonus Best Online roulette for Canadians Firefly Insect wingless, larvalike female of the firefly Lampyris  noctiluca has light-producing organs that are carried in her last three abdominal segments. This European species of grassland firefly reaches 0.6 inches (15 mm) in length.


Firefly Insect and Photos

Common name: fireflies (lightning bugs)

Family: Lampyridae

Suborder: Polyphaga

Order: Coleoptera

Class/subphylum: Insecta/Hexapoda

Number of species: About 2,000 (about 136 US)

 Size: From about 0.2 in (5 mm) to about 0.8 in (20 mm)

Key features: Body drab brown or blackish; when viewed from above, head is more or less concealed beneath the pronotum, Firefly which is also very broad (almost as broad as the elytra); body soft and flattened with sides generally parallel, females often with short wings or wingless and larvalike (larviform); antennae threadlike or often sawtoothed; luminous organ usually present on tip of abdomen

Habits: All larvae and most adults are luminescent, Firefly light production takes place only during the night by day the adults rest on foliage and are inconspicuous

Breeding: Males fly around flashing their lights at night: the perched females reply with their own lights, acting as a beacon to which the males can easily fly for mating; some species are not luminescent or only weakly so and are active in daytime


Diet: The adults of most species apparently do not feed females of some species attract and feed on of unrelated species; the larvae are carnivorous, feeding on insect larvae, mites, snails, and slugs

Habitat: Firefly Mainly in forests; also in grasslands, gardens, riversides, and swamps

Distribution:  Worldwide, avoiding very cold or dry areas; most abundant in the tropics.

Firefly Insect Pictures and Photos Gallery


Firefly Insect Facts and Images Gallery

Firefly Insect Facts and Photos

Firefly Insect Facts and Pics

Firefly Insect Facts and Pictures

Firefly Insect Pictures Collection

Firefly Insect Facts photos

Firefly Insect Facts With Images

Firefly Insect Facts with Pictures

Firefly Insect Images and Photos

Firefly Insect photos gallery

Firefly Insect Pics

Firefly Insect