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Flagellates Chlamydomonas is a plantlike flagellate that swims through water by beating a pair of hairlike flagella Photos yntehesis takes place in the horseshoe shaped chloroplast. It is one of the commonest flagellates found in damp places throughout the world. Size microscopic up to 0.009 inches (0.0024 mm) long.

Subphylum: Matigophora

Phylum: Sarcomastigophora

Kingdom: Protista

Number of species: About 1,500

Size: Most are a few thousandths of an inc; some are just large enough to be seen with the naked eye

Key features: Highly variable single celled organisms; all have at least 1 long flagellum (organ of locomotion) at some stage in life cycle

Habits: Many live as commensals, parasites, or symbionts within other animals at some stage in life cycle

Breeding: Highly varied and little understood; can be asexual or sexual with varying degrees of differentiation between male and female gametes (sex cells)

Diet: Plantlike flagellates produce at last some of their own food by photosynthesis; other feed by engulfing prey items or absorbing nutrients from a host

Habitat: mostly aquatic when not inside host

Distribution: worldwide

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