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The Fossa Animal is a member of the Eupleridae, Fossa Animal a family of carnivorans closely related to the mongoose family, The Fossa Animal is unique to the forests of Madagascar, Fossa Animal an African island in the Indian Ocean, Fossa Animal Growing up to 6 feet long from to tail tip and weighing up to 26 pounds, the Fossa Animal is a slender-bodied catlike creature with little resemblance to its mongoose cousins.

Fossa Animal Facts:

Length: 70-80 cm (28-32 in)

Tail: 65-75 cm (26-30 in)

Weight: 5.5-8.6 kg (12-19 lb)

Social unit: Individual

Status: Vulnerable

Fossa Animal Resembling a diminutive brown “big cat”, the fossa is lithe, agile, and an excellent leaper and climber. Madagascar’s largest carnivore, this muscular, powerful predator hunts by day or night, using the stalk-and- pounce method. It Fossa Animal originally specialized in hunting lemurs but now also takes pigs, poultry, and other domesticated animals.

Fossa Animal A top carnivore the solitary fossa naturally has a large territory, more than 4 square km and thus a low population density. It is Fossa Animal threatened by loss of its habitat and persecuted for its attacks on livestock.

Fossa Animal:


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