Gadwall Bird Facts

The watch enter site source Slot machines free multi-line Gadwall Bird is a common and widespread dabbling duck in the family Anatidae. Gadwall feed with other dabbling ducks, tipping forward to feed on submerged vegetation without diving. They Gadwall Bird sometimes steal food from flocks of diving ducks.


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Gadwall Bird Facts:

Size: 50 cm

Voice: Single-noted, low call of male; loud quacking of female

Range: Winter visitor, fairly abundant; all over India, but decreasing in numbers

Habitat: Prefers marshes, sloughs, ponds, and small lakes with grasslands in both fresh and brackish water during breeding.


Gadwall Bird Medium-sized dull, grey-brown duck. Male has distinct vermiculations on scapular and back feathers; grey and brown upperparts; grey bill and orange legs. Brown head; upper and lower tail- coverts black. Long, pointed, silver-grey tertials; white secondaries with black greater secondary coverts distinctive and obvious in flight. Gadwall Bird Female lacks vermiculation very similar to male with plumage but more brownish on back and buffy tan on breast.

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Gadwall Bird Facts and Images

Gadwall Bird Facts and Pics

Gadwall Bird Facts Images

Gadwall Bird Facts Images

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Gadwall Bird Facts with Photos

Gadwall Bird Facts with Pictures

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Gadwall Bird Images

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Gadwall Bird Photos

Gadwall Bird Pics Collection

Gadwall Bird Pics Free Download

Gadwall Bird Pics HD Wallpapers

Gadwall Bird Pictures Gallery

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