Garganey Bird

The Garganey Bird is a small dabbling duck. It breeds in much of Europe and western Asia, but is strictly migratory, with the entire population moving to southern Africa, India, and Australasia in winter, Garganey Bird where large flocks can occur.


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Garganey Bird Facts:

Size: 40 cm

Voice: Male’s mating call a distinctive crackling call

Range: Abundant winter visitor

Habitat: Narrow or well-sheltered, and shallow standing freshwaters, merging into grasslands, floodlands, or other wetlands.


Garganey Bird Small, slight duck with large grey bill and flat crown. Dramatic broad, white supercilium crossing to the back of mottled brown head and curving downwards to neck; grey flanks; brown breast and spotted brown stern; white underparts; silvery- blue forewings seen in flight. Garganey Bird Female similar to Common Teal, but paler, more patterned head, mottled brownish and distinct eye-stripe; pale supercilium; loral and chin spots and larger bill. Gregarious and social, seen often with other species.

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Garganey Bird Facts and Pics

Garganey Bird Facts and Pictures

Garganey Bird Pictures

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Garganey Bird Facts with Photos

Garganey Bird Facts and Photos

Garganey Bird Facts with Pictures

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Garganey Bird