Giant Armadillo Animal Facts with Photos

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The Giant armadillo Animal colloquially tatou, ocarro, tatu-canastra or tatĂș carreta, is the largest living species of armadillo. It lives in South America, Giant armadillo Animal ranging throughout as far south as northern Argentina.

Giant armadillo Animal Facts:

Length: 75-100 cm (30-39 in)

Tail: 50 cm (20 in)

Weight: 18.7- 32.3 kg

Social unit: Individual

Status: Vulnerable

Giant armadillo Animal By her the largest armadillo, this species has 11-13 bands of slightly flexible, hinged plates over its body, and 3-4 bands over its neck. The long, tapering tail is likewise armoured. The main body colour is brown, with a pale yellow-white head, tail, and band along the lower edges of the plates. Th especially large third front claw is used to rip up soil for small food items mainly termites, ants, worms, spiders, small snakes, and lizards.

The front claws also dig a burrow in which the giant armadillo shelters by day. Giant armadillo Animal It feeds in an area for 2-3 weeks, then moves on. Like most other armadillos, it shows little social or territorial behaviour. The gestation period is 4 months, and the 1-2 offspring are weaned by 6 weeks and are sexually mature by 12 months.


Giant armadillo Animal Instantly recognized by their protective armour-like covering of hardened skin on their head, back, sides, and limbs, and reduced fur, armadillos are ground-living animals allied to anteaters and sloths. They have simple peg-like teeth and short, strong limbs for digging. They also have unusual special articulations of the lower vertebral column (a

feature shared with non-burrowing anteaters and sloths), which may be an adaptation for burrowing. Armadillos are mainly insect- eaters, but also eat a wide range of other items, including plant materials, eggs, and carrion. Most species occur in open habitats of South America, but one can also be found in the United States.

Giant armadillo Animal Photos:


Giant Armadillo Animal image


Giant Armadillo Animal photo


Giant Armadillo Animal

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