Giant Otter Animal Facts & Latest HD Images

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The Giant Otter Animal South America as the Giant Otter Animal river wolf, the Giant Otter Animal is indeed giant reaching a body length of over 5 feet with a tail sometimes longer than 27 inches It is not however, the Giant Otter Animal heaviest otter, Giant Otter Animal Weighing about 70 pounds, Giant Otter Animal may weigh less than some sea otters.

The Giant Otter Animal velvety fur is reddish-brown with cream on the throat and chin, Giant Otter Animal and their long whiskers are thought to be very sensitive to help in hunting, Found in rivers lakes streams and swamps in South America, Giant Otter Animal live in territorial groups averaging 2-12 otters.

Giant Otter Animal Facts:

Length: 1-1.4 m
Tail: 45-65 cm (18-26 in)
Weight: 22-32 kg (49-71 lb)
Social unit: Group
Status: Endangered

Giant Otter The biggest mustelid, this species is similar to a very large river otter. It has short legs, well-webbed toes, and a flattened, wide-based tail, for swimming and diving. Its stout whiskers and sensitive eyes effectively detect prey movements in water. Being so aquatic, it is ungainly on land.

The short, dense fur is dark brown, appearing black when wet, with cream spots and patches on the chin, throat, and chest, which may merge into a “bib”. The giant otter forms groups of 4-8, going up to 20: usually comprising 2 parents, their offspring, and various younger adults. They live in a communal bank den or burrow and hunt by day for fish, crabs, and other aquatic prey.

Giant Otter Animal

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