Giant Pocket Gopher Rodent Facts and Photos

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The Giant pocket gopher Rodent is a species of rodent in the family Geomyidae. It is found in Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.

Giant pocket gopher Rodent Facts:

Length: 22-30 cm (9-12 in)

Tail: 9.5-14 cm

Weight: 480-985 g (17-35 oz)

Social unit: Individual

Status: Least concern

Like other Giant pocket gopher Rodent , the giant pocket gopher digs a burrow system (lodge) using its strong, large-clawed forefeet. It feeds on roots, bulbs, and other underground plant parts and also comes above ground at night to forage for stems and shoots, which it carries to its lodge in its fur-lined cheek pouches.

Normally solitary, during the breeding season the large pocket gopher forms groups of one male and 4 females. Two or more young are born to each female in a grass-lined nesting chamber at the lowest level of the lodge.

Giant Pocket Gopher Rodent Pictures:


Giant Pocket Gopher Rodent free


Giant Pocket Gopher Rodent


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