Giant Pouched Rat Rodent

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The Giant pouched Rat Rodent is an animal of the mammal class, a detachment of rodents, an ancestor of a mouse.

The Giant pouched Rat Rodent is considered one of the most common animals on the planet, and the fossil remains of the Giant pouched Rat Rodent very first rats have been buried in the earth for several million years.

Giant pouched Rat Rodent What does a rat look like.

Giant pouched Rat Rodent have an oval shape of the trunk characteristic of most Giant pouched Rat Rodent and a stocky physique.

The Giant pouched Rat Rodent length of the body of an adult rat is from 8 to 30 cm (depending on the species), the weight of the rat varies from 37 g to 420 g (individual individuals of gray rats can weigh up to 500 grams).

Giant pouched Rat Rodent Facts:

  • Length: 35-40 cm (14-16 in)
  • Tail: 21-25 cm
  • Weight: 1-1.5 kg
  • Social unit: Variable
  • Status: Least concern

This rat is solitary, active mainly at night, and climbs and swims well. It eats a great variety of moist or fleshy foods, from termites to avocados, and also ground nuts and maize. Its huge cheek pouches carry items back to its burrow, which has extensive chambers for food, resting, breeding, and defecation.

Its bristly hair is buff-brown on the back, fading to white on the throat and underside, with a dark brown eye-ring. This large, big-eared, docile rat is kept both as a pet and for meat.

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Giant Pouched Rat Rodent


Giant Pouched Rat

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