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Goldfish Facts:

The Beautiful Goldfish is an artificially derived species of freshwater fish from the genus Karas. Refers to the class of ray-ray fish, a group of carp-shaped, the family of carp. (

The Goldfish Fish Latin name this species received from its ancestor crucian silvery, gave the offspring a beautiful golden color with a red tint. The indian name of the goldfish came from the coloring of the scales of aquarium inhabitants, the diminutive form of the word fish and, possibly, from the rather expensive cost of the first deduced specimens.


Goldfish is a fish with an elongated, compressed from the sides or a short round body. For all representatives of the species are characterized by gill cover large size, the presence of solid notches on the first rays forming fins, and pharyngeal teeth. The size of the scales of goldfish depends on the breed variations and can be either large or small, up to complete absence in some areas.

The coloration of goldfish varies widely: it can be red-golden, pale pink, dark bronze, flaming red, yellow, black and blue, and so on. However, one feature remains – the color of the abdomen is always slightly lighter than the main goldfish color.

The shape and size of the lateral fins, as well as the tail of the goldfish are different. They can be small bifurcated, rather long and developing, like the lightest veil, or have a different bizarre shape. The eyes of goldfish Fish can have the typical size and structure characteristic of all fish, but in some breeds they have a different degree of convexity.

Goldfish Aquarium Fish

For many years of targeted breeding, about 300 different breeds were identified, which impress the imagination with a variety of forms and colors. Among fans of aquariums Fish, the most popular are such breeds and species of goldfish:

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